14 December, 2005


I got surprised when I read and followed this Forwarded mail. Request you to read and comment-
"No wonder so many people say Google's search engine can find anything
1- Go to Google
2- Type in the word "Failure"
3- Instead of clicking "Google Search," click "I'm Feeling Lucky."
4- See search results.
5- Spread the word before the people at Google "fix" it.
So how exactly does it happen?
No, it isn't an easter egg. It's called a "google-bomb", which is used by blogs and websites to exploit weaknesses in google's pagerank algorithm. Basically, it works by linking to the target page using the search text on various web-sites. Other bombs include: "Miserable Failure", "Unelectable" and "Worst President" which all take you to George W. Bush's Bio.
Here's my favorite: "french military victories". :)
More info here.


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