04 January, 2006

Advertisements - Indian Vs The Brits.....

Yesterday As I felt Homesick sitting in the corner of my room the way anyone would feel 4 months of being in London. It was cold, and dark and raining drips all day. The best part about the rains is that is reduces the cold but brings on the chill.

But here in London it rains all day just like it does in Pune. How much I missed the nice Onion bajji my mother used to make when it was rainy and cold. I also missed the tharatipaal (sweet condensed milk) which I believe my brother ate my share as well...

Then, I felt that I cannot feel homesick. I am here for a purpose. Earn here spend there. Went to the TV room in the Indian YMCA and saw some adverts. Absolutely disgusting. The Britishers simply don’t know how to make advertisements. There is no similarity between what they show and the Final Advertisement. The Indian Advertisements are way too better.

Recollected my childhood memories of advertisements. And how dificult was it. I started this Blog for writing my *bestest* advertisements. I am attempting to do the unthinkable –compile a list of the top 10 “Indian” ads of all time! Now this is really difficult , I mean how am I suppose to remember all those thousands of ad films that I have seen in the last 32 years * 365 days * at least 3 hours a day ( That’s the amount of time I devote to the idiot box on an average every day ! )

The first ad that came to my mind was the Surf and the Lalitaji Advert. Do you remember Lalitaji? Yes, the lady who entered the Indian small screen in the eighties with that blue bag to purchase a brand of her own choice from the local shop. She represented the aspirations of the middle-class housewife of that time, who was just planning to step out of her house and take a job in the outside world.

Then how can we miss the Jingles Be It Lifebuoy - Tandurusti Ki Raksha Karta hai LifeBuoy or Khao Gagan Raho Magan, I Love You Rasna, Bajaj - Hamara Bajaj Buland Bharat Ki Buland Tasveer (The now old Bajaj ad which show whatever the new bike an Indian buys or how old or Modern the Indian Youth is he still respects the old traditions - Been trying to get the Advert- The Advert start with a Guy riding a Red Pulsar and then a Boxer and then a Girl embracing her boyfriend and when she sees an Old Man removes the embrace and the nice cute smile of the Old man)... OOoooooooh How I miss those adverts. And then Ek Titli Anek Titlian by Films Division.

The Ericsson adverts - Ericsson Mobile phone- Black coffee This was simply a stunning ad which created history by winning awards at top international ad shows. The brief was to highlight how small the phone was and this ad created this impression perfectly. “ One black Coffee “ became the talk of the town., Nirma - Sabki Pasand Hai Nirma, Prestige - Jo Biwi se kare Pyar woh Prestige se Kaise Kare Inkaar, Hawkins, Gems, Dipys - Dipy dee Dipy Doo Dipy Dum Dum Dum, Britannia Coconut Crunches. The Coconut on the tree become Coconut Crunches, The Raymond’s Adverts, Milk Cooperative SocietyDhoodh hai wonderful pee sakthe hai roz glassful, Bajaj Bulbs - Jab Mein Chotta Ladka Tha, Garden Varelli with Persis Khambatta, Cadbury’s dairy Milk – Cricket match All the dairy milk ads have been good especially the background score that they had –Kuch Khass hai , Zindagi Mein . But this one ad started it all .Previously they used to show only small kids in the film. A girl comes to the pitch as soon as the cricketer hits the winning run and does an impromptu jig with a dairy milk in her hand. The ad was wonderfully shot and it went very well with the base line-taste of life.

Each ad tells u something and how these targeted with wonderful jingles, the Colours of Nerolac, Berger or even Asian Paints, the totally zero vocals adverts of Fevicol or Centreshock Barber advertisement. Another Cute advert was the Dhara Jalebi Ka Advert

Even the current adverts of Airtel, The Hutch Pug- You and I in the Beautiful world. Boy the British need to learn Advertising Creativity, Cricket and English from the Indians. These adverts will surely not come back but I will be on a quest to see if I can retrieve these advertisements. The Next Blog will hopefully contain my Favourite adverts during the Doordarshan and the Post Doordarshan days....


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