16 January, 2006

Happy Pongal

Happy Pongal

I have been in London for about 4 months and this is my 5th Month. I have been away from Family and Friends not to mention my 8 month old daughter who I miss dearly. But the stay has been fruitful in one way or the other. This time I have celebrated Diwali and Pongal in London.

The previous day was my friends birthday and we were awake till about 3 AM and then sleeping and getting back to the temple prayers at 8:30 Am something really nice. In all my life in Chennai I have never been to a temple and here I am in London taking the pains and making a rush for the temple. Been to East Ham a couple of times but the idea of celebrating Pongal with seeing the boiling and overflowing milk and eating Pongal something I have not done after marriage.

The Temple was filled with people and the festivities were really nice. I think all the effort should go to the Sri Lankan and the Malaysian Tamils who have been in London for long and have tried to maintain their cultural identity. Bringing priest from India to do the job and maintaining the decorum for the pujas done in the temple at the right time having the environment for the same wow it was something really nice.

And on the way back the usual went to Chennai Dosa had the breakfast Buffet and trudged my way back home.

Once Again Happy Pongal.


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