12 January, 2006

The Human Body

The Human Body - The Diving Reflex

When in India, I had seen a Terrific programme on BBC called The Human Body and almost a similar programme on the Discovery.

I was simply amzed about the facts mentioned.

So the first thing I did was bought the DVD called The Human Body from the BBC Shop and I have seen the same almost 10 times during my 5 month stay in the UK.

Did you know that the neurons in the brain emit pulses at 400kmph which is simply awesome and then a few seconds later its ready to do the same thing all over again.
And If all the electrodes were connected then the electricity from the brain can be used to light a Bulb.

What amazed me was that after a baby is born until four months the baby can swim underwater.

The better part is it canswim under water with its mouth OPEN.... Yeah mouth Open.

The trick is the valve in the oesophagus does not allow the water to go to the lungs but sends the water to the Stomach.

What the doctors are still not able to understand is how does this all happen. Is it because of one of our long evovled Ancestors or its is during the stay in the fluid environment in the womb?

If you get a chance to view the Serial which is 8 Part episode or Buy the DVD I would say it is a must Buy...

The Inner Body
BBC Human Body - An addictive educational site which has some interactive sessions on the body and some Psychological Tests as well.


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