12 January, 2006

Philips MiraVisionTM Mirror TV

I have to say, it’s a weirdass concept, but I wouldn’t mind having it up in my home. If you haven’t seen it, Philips MiraVision Mirror TV is pretty much just that: A LCD monitor that, when turned off, is a reflective mirror. Certainly nicer than a big black screen in the bedroom. So it’s nice to see that Philips is now offering the TV in 32- and 42-inch sizes.

Read More Here at: The Philips Site

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the coolest of them all?
Step aside, wicked stepmother. Make way for Miravision, where things are not what they seem. A brainchild of Philips, this converged device hides an LCD TV behind a thin polarized reflective sheet. Switch on the TV, and your favorite reality show comes on. Turn the TV off, and now it's an innocuous wall-hanging mirror. For those who like to admire their reflection, a "picture in mirror" mode lets you watch Singapore Idol in a corner of the frame at the same time. The screen can also be hooked up to a PC for surfing the Net, and there're plans for a waterproof version to grace bathroom walls. So now you see it, now you don't.

Price: Est. S$5,000-S$6,000 (US$2,922–US$3,506)
Availability: Global launch, October-November
Device: LCD TV-mirror
Basic specs: Available in 17-inch, 23-inch and 30-inch widescreen versions, Super IPS display, accepts component, HD and XVGA signals, multiple AV inputs, customizable frames


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