08 February, 2006

BodhiTree : Gand Mein Danda

BodhiTree : GMD
It required a little educating from Abesh's side - so the first thanks go out to him. It's the story of my life (and probably many others out there). The song of all songs for the truly frustoo engineer : Gaand mein danda by BodhiTree. The lyrics were written with managers in mind, but that doesn't stop you from feeling the song was written with you in mind. Even XLRI Ki Kudiyan is applicable to engineers and their colleges.
bodhiTree is...
1. Poornima Dore - Drums 2. Jishnu Dasgupta-Bass/ Vocals
3. Bharat Rajagopalan - Guitar 4. Abhishek Narain-Guitar/ Vocals
5. Satadru Bagchi - Vocals 6. Shambhavi Kumar-Vocals
7. Dhananjay Mishra - Vocals

Download mp3 files:

- Gaand Mein Danda
- Sabka Katega
- Too Many Potatoes
- XL Ki Kudiyan

Click Here for Lyrics to Gand Mein Danda

If they eventually release an Album I bet I would by the CD. Another Good Album I heard was BC Sutta by Zeest a Pakistani Band. Click Here for Download


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dude the links to download gmd is giving out error...try fixing it..

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